Do We Still Need Antivirus in 2020?

With today’s advancement of technology, some of you might not be using an antivirus. But, do you really new to use on these days?

Well, the answer can be a yes or no depending on you how want to protect your PC from viruses and other malicious threats. If you want to be sure that everything in your PC is protected, then use an antivirus. But, if you are okay with the built-in antivirus tool of the latest operating systems, it’s okay not to use one.

If you want to know more about using an antivirus this 2020, read below:

Windows 10 Offers Protection to Users

Microsoft has taken safety and security seriously, which led the development and improvement of Windows Defender and Windows Firewall. Designed to keep any PCs secure, it can provide a protection layer to your PC. In addition to that, Microsoft updates it frequently while keeping other threats at bay.

If for some reasons a virus or a malicious threat breaks through your system and you cannot get rid of it, you can take advantage of Windows Defender Offline, which can be used even without an internet connection.

Watch Out Other Malicious Threats and Not Just Viruses

Nowadays, the term antivirus is a bit outdated. You don’t really have to be worried about any nasty viruses that infect your computers and wipe out your personal data. But, if there is something that is more common these days, it’s the malware.

What makes a malware worse than viruses is that it can sneak into your PC without you noticing it. IN fact, it can stay hidden and dormant while doing something in your data. Such threats should be taken seriously and the use an antivirus may come in handy.

PC Users Can Never Be More Careful

Most of you might think that you are careful when you are online through visiting reliable websites and downloading sources from official stores or platforms. But, even if you think that are very careful, you are not really completely protected.

There is a reason why malicious threats still exist and it is due to the fact that coders know how to break into the computer systems without you noticing it. So, before it’s too late, use an antivirus.

Having an Antivirus is Always Better Than Nothing

If you are currently using Windows 10 and everything is updated, you can be assured that you have a free and solid tool that serves as an antivirus. However, it does not guarantee that your system resources and other things in the background are protected. The reason behind it is that the built-in antivirus of Windows 10 may not protect everything in your PC. Besides, having an antivirus isn’t expensive and it’s better than nothing.

Remember that an antivirus does not only revolve around stopping viruses. It does more for you and your PC because it can help your PC protected from other threats as well.

The Bottom Line

No matter how advanced your computer is, whether you are using Windows 10 and you have turned on your Windows Defender, it is still wise to consider using an antivirus. At present, there are numerous options you can take for consideration when looking for an antivirus. Just make sure to choose the one that is proven to be effective and efficient.

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