Formula of a Good TED Talk Speaker

How to Make a Good Presentation

Public speaking is one of those skills that come naturally to some people while others need to practice over and over to perfect it. If you have been invited as a TED Talk speaker, it is important that you make the whole experience engaging for your audience. Here are a few helpful tips on how to make a good presentation.

Be Familiar with Your Audience

Before you prepare your presentation, make sure you know whom you will address it to. Is the audience composed of consumers, students, or professionals? What do they need and want to hear? Knowing your audience will serve as your guide in tailoring your talk and keeping your audience engaged.

Stick with Simplicity If You Have a General Audience

Most people tend to give presentations that are beyond the understanding of their audience. See to it that your presentation will make your audience feel smart and make them want to further learn the topic. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes and remember the time when you also didn’t know about the subject just like them.

Focus on Connection Instead of Content

To engage your listeners, your TED talk should be built on connection instead of content. Citing figures and facts and just talking to your audience will never be effective if they don’t feel any interest in whatever you are trying to say. You have to be clear as to what you would like your audience to remember after your presentation and use this intent as the structure in framing your talk. If you want to discuss about gaming, you should know how gamers think at the very least.

The passion you have for the topic is what draws people in.  Speaking with no enthusiasm for the subject will only lower the energy of your audience and hide the true message you want to convey. The purpose of your talk is not only to inform but to persuade.

Be Original

There are speakers who try to imitate someone they respect to the point that they forget about being themselves. Authenticity and originality and sounding just like yourself and no one else with the use of your everyday language is the real secret to effectively get your message across to your audience. Let’s say talk about a newer diet trend or maybe the latest technological development on NASA.

Try a Diverse Delivery

People learn not only by listening but also in many different ways. You can use some visual tools, tell stories, and incorporate research. Anecdotes are also quite effective when it comes to connecting with your audience. You can tell your own story, especially if you are fine with making fun of yourself and using humor. But when using multimedia presentations, make sure that you don’t let technology overpower whatever it is you want to say. While PowerPoint presentations are quite powerful, use this to get halfway there. Don’t let it do the entire job on your behalf.

Leave Enough Time for Questions

One of the most common mistakes any TED talk speaker commits is talking up to the last minute. If your presentation takes up an hour, set aside 45 minutes for your talk and the remaining 15 minutes to answer questions.

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