How Much is Too Much Gaming?

For the last few years, gaming times have changed a lot. Most people around the world prefer playing games daily and there are even kids who are taught to use video games because some teachers these as a teaching method.

People can now also play video games online. With internet, more people can access online games using various mobile devices such as tablets, phones, computers, and consoles. However, if you have been consuming most of your time playing games, you must limit yourself and know how much is too much gaming.

When Can You Say That You’re Playing Games Too Much?

Gaming can be addictive and like some kinds of addictions, it’s perceived that gaming has both physiological and psychological components. The dopamine level in your body has something to do with your addiction to games.

People who are focused on games may suffer from relationship struggles, employment impact, and sleep deprivation. More often than not, gamers stay up late at night because of some gaming parties. Basically, an online gaming party sets virtual meeting times to complete tasks together in the game.

The computer’s bright light may trick the brain to believing that it’s daytime even if it’s already in the middle of the night. Gamers usually go to bed after a night of gaming but only to end up they’re not able to go to sleep easily. This is when you are gaming too much that you forget about following a good sleeping habit.

The Consequences of Too Much Gaming

Too much gaming may have a big impact to your relationships. Families might feel slighted when one o their family members are focused on online gaming buddies instead of spending quality time with the family.

Employment is also affected by too much gaming. Take note that sleep deprivation may result to frequent tardiness, poor performance at work, and lack of focus. Using working hours to play games and accessing online video games is grounds for immediate termination in other companies.

Gaming may become a real problem when it starts to consume your finances, focus, and time to the point that your lifestyle is affected. If you don’t want this to happen, be a responsible gamer and consider having a schedule for gaming weekly.

If possible, replace your gaming time with physical fitness and focus on making your life better. Although there is nothing wrong with gaming, always keep in mind that too much of it may result to some serious problems. So, if you have been gaming most of the time that you forget about your work and life, this will not bring any good with overall health condition and may turn your life upside down once you did not control it.

You can never say that you are living your to the fullest if you are always stuck in your gaming sessions. Remember that life is best when it is experienced and lived. Take action today and change your daily routine to see the difference in your life.

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