Newest Inventions in 2021 and Beyond Part 1

Coping and adapting to many challenges that we are facing is not an easy thing. Fortunately, there are various trends today that greatly help us deal with our everyday lives. In many ways, Covid 19 pandemic has affected us, especially our way of living. But the good thing is, it manifests the robust ideas toward creating something new and helpful for us. Please take a look at these latest inventions and how it brings hope to this new normal.

Oranges turned into electricity.

How is it possible for an orange to become power? The methane of this fruit releases as it rots, and it can be used as a power to generators. In Southern Spain, oranges are fond, and during the winter season, orange trees are causing havoc on paths and roads, and they need to employ people to clean them up. But today, the city’s fruit is used to generate electricity.

Anti-infection escalators

The German start-up UVIS has come up with a virus-killing UV lightbox that can disinfect escalators handrails, leaving them 99.99″ germ-free. They called the product ESCALATE, and it has been snapped up by some of the leading escalator companies around the world. This invention can play a significant role in preventing Covid-19 and other infectious diseases.

Touchless gesture recognition

Minority Report Company developed a touchless gesture recognition that a host of influential organizations is fine-tuning. Tech titans such as Microsoft and Apple already installed this invention. Abu Dhabi, for example, also installed this technology last June 2020 to prevent the spread of the virus. In July, the Norwegian airport operators also partnered with this technology to launch touchless travels within their vicinity.

Plastic to fuel technologies

Scientist has developed modern technologies that transform waste plastics into a Low-Sulphur and clean fuel. Amazingly, the market for these plastic-derived fuels is set to increase significantly in the years to come.

Vertical and floating farms

The world’s population has grown over the years, and by 2050 it is set to grow by two billion people. With that, the need for food will increase by about 70%. Therefore, farming methods that will consume less space is a must. Urban farming is used nowadays to grow crops in stacked layers. But one of the cost-effective solutions that won’t take up a large land area includes a floating farm. Barcelona’s Forward Thinking Architecture proposed this solution to grow crops that would not require rainwater, pesticides and fertilizers.

Ocean cooling technologies

One of the greatest threats that the world is facing today is climate change. As our planet’s ocean heat up, scientists are working hard to develop technologies that will reverse the process. New methods of cooling and shading were trailed last April by Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and have given many people so much hope.

Wearable air conditioners

Wearable air conditioners within clothes can help us cope better with reducing the number of fatalities and even in heatwaves. Last July 2020, Sony has begun a wearable cooling material called the Reon Pocket that fits in T-shirts, and it can cool the surface of the skin.


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