Newest Inventions in 2021 and Beyond (Part 2)

Giant Air Purifiers

According to the World Health Organization, seven million casualties a year is because of polluted air. That’s why Dan Roosegaarde, a Dutch inventor, has come to the rescue with his newly invented large purifiers. With its seven-meter-tall purifying machine, it can clean up to 30,000 up/m3 oh air per hour. This machine is installed already in the Netherlands, China, South Korea and Poland.

Solar-powered passenger planes

Engineers in Switzerland developed the Solar Impulse 2 and completed the first around the world flight using a solar-powered aeroplane. The founder of this project has exclaimed that solar-powered planes can carry up to 50 passengers, and they can act like a normal plane.

Ultraviolet light to electricity material

The AuReus System is a modern technology that quickly absorbs stray UV lights from sunlight and converts it into clean and renewable electricity. The electricity can be used in charging batteries, or it can be stored.

3D organ and body part printing

In the future, 3D printing is expected to revolutionize organ transplants and prosthetics. Researchers at Tel AVIV University created the first 3D printed heart using the patient’s cell combined with other biological materials. They also developed a 3D published bone matrices, corneas and cartilages derived from stem cells.

Smart tattoos

Researchers around the world are now developing intelligent tattoos that can update you if you are feeling unwell. These tattoos will feature your reaction to changes in and out of your body.  This can also help monitor your blood pressure, track your sun exposure, keep your blood sugar updated and many more.

 Bionic neurons

You can have a computer chip implanted into your brain to replace any damaged neurons. This technology has been invented by researchers at the Universities of Zurich, Auckland and Bath. They also thought that this innovation could potentially transform heart treatment, spinal cord injuries, and other neurological disorders.

Sonic fire extinguishers

Wildfires around the world are increasingly in frequency and intensity. Fighting big fires is quite challenging, but fortunately, researchers are rising to develop a fantastic technology to help this problem, and they come up with the Sonic Fire Extinguishers. This was first developed at Virginia’s Mason University in 2005, and this technology can work using sound waves to separate the fuel source and the oxygen, hence putting out the blaze.

Zero-emission tires

As the wheels of your cars become worn, they are shedding microplastics, which are released into the Atmosphere. Tyre Collective’s technology attaches to the car wheels and can capture 60% of rubber fragments before they can cause pollution.

Space toilets

Before you even think of setting up a home in outer space, be knowledgeable about the challenges you may encounter and needs to overcome. To approach this, Lunar Loo Challenge is launched by NASA, a challenge to design a toilet that can work in outer space. The contest looked for a smaller and more efficient bathroom that works both in lunar gravity and in microgravity.

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