Public Speaking 101 – Guide on Becoming a Good Speaker

The mere sight of a microphone can make some people excited. But for others, this is more than enough to give them a fright and make them run for their lives.

As they say, good speakers can either be born or honed.  This means that if you weren’t lucky enough to be born with naturally excellent public speaking skills, you can still do something to polish it.

The following guide will not transform you into the world’s best public speaker overnight. After all, it will take practice, preparation, and honest feedback. But, you can use these tips to kick start your journey into becoming a better public speaker.

Choose the Right Subject/Topic

Before anything else, make sure that the topic you choose is something that you are very familiar with and something that you are strongly attached to. The most disastrous thing that can happen during public speaking is talking about something not within your expertise and knowledge. By treading on familiar grounds, it will make you feel more confident and comfortable to discuss your chosen subject or topic.

Organize Key Points in a Logical and Thoughtful Way

Your speech should have a beginning. This should be a short introduction of what you are about to discuss. It should also have a middle wherein you will further expound on the topic. Finally, there should be an ending that will be a summary of the things you just said.

Rehearse in Private

Once you have your presentation properly planned out, this is now the time for you to practice its delivery. The best way of doing it is in private. Take note that your goal here is not to start a discussion. You need to talk in private then logically present whatever it is you wish to say. For this reason, you will be doing well if you can practice in front of a mirror just like what seasoned actors do. Always be positive and try to imagine the kind of feedback you will get if you have an actual audience in front of you.

Stick With Short Notes

Pre-written speeches never sound spontaneous and resorting to these will only ruin your speech. The best thing you can do is prepare a few short notes composed of just a few words that will serve as your guide when delivering your speech.

Build Rapport with the Audience

Avoid being too stuffy or formal. Start your speech with a simple and conversational style. Use humor whenever possible and only at appropriate places. Make sure you do away with those outworn and stale jokes as these will only make your audience feel bored.

End It with a Bang

Craft your final words with extra care for them to continue lingering in the ears and minds of your listeners long after you finished your talk. Urge them to take action and leave your audience wanting more. Bringing your speech to a climactic end will make your speech more effective.

With practice, you can be sure that you will soon become the kind of public speaker you have always dreamed to be.

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