Axie Infinity: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Axie Infinity

This game is a blockchain-based collectible digital pet that has taken over the crypto space and currently dominates the new token field. In Axie Infinity, players can breed their own unique creatures to battle other players to ascend up from rank zero and fight for dominance among all of those axes Axie Infinity is a decentralized RPG where you raise and collect cute fiction creatures called Axies. It’s like Pokémon, Digimon and Monster Rancher all rolled into one.

This game combines the best casual and competitive gaming elements to create an entirely new experience that’s easy to learn but hard to master. Not only will you enjoy hours of fun with this game, you’ll also acquire valuable assets as it’s built on top of Ethereum blockchain technology, which makes the in-game purchases 100% secure through smart contracts.

In this game, you can raise and collect Axies, which are hybrid animals that combine the best aspects of different creatures to create unique looking pets. They’re smart, look fantastic, and they’re super rare since each one is as one-of-a-kind as a snowflake.

The current phenomenon sweeping the crypto space is called Axie Infinity. Created back in 2018 by Sky Mavis, it’s a turn-based RPG game that allows users to buy and trade non-fungible tokens (NFTs) known as axies. These cute little digital pets have been generating $200M worth of sales over the past 30 days, according to


Every Axie has four stats which are as follows:

HP is the total measure of damage that every Axie can catch before being beaten or defeated.

Morale determines the critical chance and the number of “last stand” ticks.

Skill is the damage when an Axie throws multiple cards or what you called a combo.

Speed determines axies turn order. Fastest Axies will attack first. Speed can also increase the axie’s chance to trick an attack.

The stats of an axie depends on two variables, its Class and its Variables.


Each Axie has a primary class that determines its role in battle. There are the Nine classes:

  • Plant
  • Reptile
  • Dusk
  • Beast
  • Bug
  • Mech
  • Aqua
  • Bird
  • Dawn

There are different Axie classes, and each has a specific set of strengths, weaknesses, abilities. The type of class determines the role an Axie will play in battle depending on their team composition.

In addition to selecting one’s own character within any game with RPG elements, there is more than just picking which skills they want to use or what items they can carry – now players have new choices such as whether it be wise for them to choose a tanking or casting style when building their teams so that no energy/cards go wasted throughout fights; Or even if some should take up roles like healing other fighters during combat sessions instead of having someone else do all the work.

What are the AXIES Ability or Cards?

A player’s Axie can be customized depending on what body parts they have. These different combinations of abilities allow for various gameplay styles, which is one reason why each Axie feels unique to the player who owns it. For example, Attacker Axies should have cards that deal lots of damage. Defensive axies will want cards that help them defend their team and survive longer against opponents with offensive tactics like dealing with direct health points or stealing energy from enemy teams through disruption techniques. A good hybrid would provide both defensive and attacking skillsets so an effective teammate could make up for any deficiencies while playing together when taking turns defending/offense during battle sequences. 

A total of 132 Abilities or Cards are available in the game, with many more coming soon. You can view a full list below:

Daily Quest

The first thing you should keep in mind in farming SLP is your daily quest. You will see it at the upper part of the homepage of the App. By completing your daily quest, you can instantly claim 50SLP each day.

Eventually, the weekly quest and special event quest will be available soon.

Adventure mode

The first World is called Lunacia Ruin. There are 36 Ruins or levels in the Lunacia world. Every player starts with level 1. By earning EXP your axie will level up. You can only earn EXP once you have the energy (you will see your energy available on the left upper part of the App). To level up your axies or get them ready for battle you must poke them. When an Axie gains enough EXP it will go up a level.

There’s a daily capped in adventure mode, 100 SLP per day. It is a simple way to farm SLP. You will face different monsters per ruin. In adventure mode, SLP amount will be based on your ruin level. The estimated SLP count are as follows:

  • Ruin 1-4: 1 SLP per win
  • Ruin 5-9: 2 SLP per win
  • Ruin 10-14: 4 SLP per win
  • Ruin 15-16: 6 SLP per win
  • Ruin 17-20: Random between 6-20 SLP per win
  • Ruin 21-36: Random between 10-20 SLP per win

Defeating certain bosses in RUIN 21 and RUIN 36 earns you one-time SLP rewards. To defeat the Boss, your level should be around level 19-21.

Ruin 21 – 200 SLP

Ruin 36 – 300 SLP

Arena mode

In Arena mode, you can compete with other players’ Axies to climb the ranks and become the best Axie trainer in Lunacia. The better your ranking, the more SLP you can earn. You should know the best combo or strategy in throwing cards and how to counter the opponent’s card. If you are not familiar with the game, you should do many battle in adventure mode and learn more about your Axies.

The amount of SLP you can earn on your Arena win is based on your MMR rating. To get a higher MMR, you should always win the Arena. The higher MMR you get, the bigger SLP you can claim.

These are the different MMR ranges and how much SLP you can earn under your MMR rating:

  • Under 800 MMR – No SLP
  • 800 to 999 MMR – 1 SLP per win
  • 1000 to 1099 MMR – 3 SLP per win
  • 1100 to1299 MMR – 7 SLP per win
  • 1300 to 1499 MMR – 8 SLP per win
  • 1500 to 1799 MMR – 9 SLP per win
  • 1800 to 1999 MMR – 10 SLP per win
  • 2000 to 2199 MMR – 11 SLP per win
  • 2200+ MMR – 12 SLP per win

Note: There’s also DRAW in the game when both of you and your opponent dies in the round. You will both earn half of the SLP depends on your MMR rating. For example, 1300 MMR will get 4SLP, and the opponent gets the same amount of SLP.

This is a “Play to Earn” game. In this pandemic, this game might help people kill the boredom at home but also helps them in financial terms by just playing the game.

We hope that this guide has helped you understand how the Axie Infinity gameplay works, what to do once you’re in-game, and where your opportunities for earning money lie. Remember—Axie is only Alpha right now, so there’s a lot more development left on both sides before it releases fully! Who knows what will happen with new additions over time?


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