When Is the Time to Promote Employees?

A promotion indicates a career progression and this is what employees hope to get after some time of staying in one company or organization. For employers to attract and retain the best talents in the market, they need to pay close attention to promoting their best employees before they decide to go to another company where they might get the much-coveted promotion.

But, how do you decide if an employee is really prepared for a promotion? When is the time to promote employees?  Here are some signs to help you make a decision:

The Employee Already Handles the Role Well

One of the best indicators that a promotion should be underway is if the employee is already doing the specific role above their current one and they do it rather well. You can request the employee to list down their daily tasks and the projects they are working on at the moment. Compare this list to their existing role’s job description? Is the employee doing more already? If yes, do they do well on the extra work? Can they execute and balance all the tasks? Or do other things slip through the tasks because of the added responsibility?

The Employee Has Excellent Emotional Intelligence

Having an employee that is good at his job is one thing but that employee showing high emotional intelligence level at the same time is a different story. An employee with emotional intelligence has the ability to connect with different personalities. Employees with EI are also self-aware with empathy for colleagues and clients alike. Emotionally intelligent people also have leadership skills and can serve as a magnet that will lure talents with high potential to the company.

The Employee Asks For It

It doesn’t just mean asking for a promotion. Instead, you need to watch out how they are asking for it. Are they telling you that they want a promotion or are they asking about the things they can do today to be promoted in the future? This thought process is what sets apart those who are prepared from the challenge from employees who merely want the promotion to get a new title.

The Employee Provides Creative Solutions

The best employees are those who bring creative solutions and new ideas to help with business growth. They also constantly try to think of ways to improve processes even if this is not part of their job. These employees can also quantify and explain the successes of ideas.

The Employee Doesn’t Complain

Even if they are busy, if a colleague needs help, the employees who deserve to be promoted will be more than willing to help with their face brightened up with a smile. They understand and know the final goal to help with the growth of the company and they go out of their way and break down barriers to get things done. They ask for more since the success of the company is to their best interest.

If you see these qualities in an employee, it only means one thing. They deserve a promotion soon.

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