Why You Shouldn’t Share Your Contact Lenses

Colored and costume contacts are often viewed by young adults and teens as accessories. It has become common for them to share their contact lenses with others. However, lens sharing can lead to various eye problems. The most common problems associated with sharing contact lenses include allergic reactions, mild eye irritation, infections and abrasions.

Eye Infections 

Contact lenses are bathed in the wearer’s tears and any bacteria that might be present. Those who share contacts don’t usually follow a strict cleaning routine, so these bacteria can transfer from one person to another. This can lead to eye infections and even vision loss if not treated properly. People who often share or borrow contact lenses don’t visit an eye care doctor regularly, so these problems can escalate quickly since they are not likely to get the right treatment early.

Allergic Reactions 

Sharing contact lenses can cause allergic reactions to the material used to make the lenses, cleaning products and contact lens solution. When you go to an eye doctor for proper contact lens fitting, you’re assured that the contact lenses will fit you properly. Your eye doctor will also ensure that you won’t have any allergic reaction to the lenses or cleaning products.

Eye Abrasions 

Contact lenses must be properly fitted for a person’s eyes. Those who share or borrow contacts are at risk of developing eye abrasions from ill-fitting lenses rubbing against their eye. The wearer may also experience irritation, redness or blurred vision while wearing the contacts.

Colored and costume contacts provide an easy and fun way to change your appearance for an upcoming event or party. However, it is important that you get a non-corrective prescription from an eye care practitioner and get instructions on how to clean the lenses. Without getting a prescription for colored or costume lenses, you’re unknowingly exposing your eyes to dangers.

If you want or need to wear contacts, you need to be very careful. Contact lenses correct your field of vision, but you have to know how to properly use them. Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind when using contact lenses.

  • Wash your hands before touching the contact lenses. Use a mild soap to avoid eye infection or irritation. If you can get a fragrance-free soap, the better. Use a piece of cloth that is lint free to dry your hands. This will prevent lint accumulation in your contacts. You should also clean the lens case.
  • Visit your eye care doctor if you notice irritation, redness or unusual eye discharge.
  • Blink gently and slowly after putting the contacts in place.
  • Only use a solution that is approved by your eye care doctor. Remember that not all contacts are compatible with every solution. Don’t top off an old solution with a new one.
  • Discard disposable contact lenses. Make sure to write the expiration date of the contacts and solution on your notebook or save it on your phone, so you won’t forget it.

Follow these tips and you can wear your contact lenses with peace of mind.

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